FAQ & Troubleshooting


Recommended Browsers, Devices & Display Settings

Jurassic Island v6.+ is developed for all major browsers and should automatically adjust its output to device types (desktop & laptop / tablets / smartphones). It's best viewed on a desktop/laptop with Mozilla Firefox though. Because the site loads a frameset, your browser's zoom function should be deactivated. v6.+ has been tested with Mozilla Firefox (Gecko, SpiderMonkey), Konqueror (KHTML/WebKit), Internet Explorer (Trident, Chakra) and Microsoft Edge (EdgeHTML, Chakra). top


Can I log in to the main site?

No. There is no service on the main site where you could log on to. All extended functionality of Jurassic Island v6.+ is reserved for the staff, for administrative purposes. You can register an account at our community and participate in discussions though. top


How can I comment on news?

Jurassic Island v6.+ displays its news from specified news-forums at our community. When clicking on the "Comments"-link, you'll be directed to the news-thread, where you can reply to the news-post (if you've registered an account before). top


Why can't I download or view certain files, pages or images?

Certain contents on Jurassic Island v6.+ are password-protected. They can only be accessed when a member of the staff permits you to do so. top


Copyright, Trademark (Jurassic Park / Jurassic World)

All material from Jurassic Park (including The Lost World: Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park 3) and Jurassic World (including its sequels) is under the Copyright and Trademark of Universal Studios Inc. & Amblin Entertainment Inc.. Jurassic Island is in no way affiliated with the right holders, we're a fan community without any commercial interests. top


Who develops and runs Jurassic Island?

Jurassic Island is developed and run by Markus Fumagalli aka "Kovu", Fischmarktstrasse 14, CH-8640 Rapperswil. top